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February 13, 2015

• Nicole Malek

Name: Great Directors

What I loved about it:

Great Directors is the real-life expression of any cinefile’s dream scenario: traveling around the world to interview one’s favorite directors about their work. In the beginning sequence, the director Angela Ismailos says, “I traveled to their countries to visit and gave myself time to digest our conversations.” This is a thing that people do? Where do I sign up?

 For this reason alone, watching the film was a tasty piece of voyeurism. But Great Directors is also incredibly well-crafted. It seamlessly blends the interviews with clips of the work they are discussing. 

Why you should watch it:

“I very much love the fire underneath the ice. There is a violence, something may jump out of the ice and express itself in a more beautiful, noble way.”

THE QUOTES, my friends. Every good documentary has at least one colorful character that you wish they’d spend more time interviewing and this documentary has at least five. These directors are famous artists but also, at their core, eccentric people who say weird and interesting things. My favorite was Agnes Varda. She talked about everything from being unafraid of mortality to letting her roots grow out. What a woman!

Where you can watch it: 

Right here in the Seed&Spark Cinema!

Who made it:

It was directed by Angela Ismailos, a greek actor, writer, and director. She is also a classically trained opera singer and currently lives in New York City where she is preparing for her next film.



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