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April 3, 2018

As a crowdfunding platform, Seed&Spark helps filmmakers raise funds for their project, but we think helping these independent creators build an audience is just as important. And one of the ways we do that is with our Follow feature.


Anyone can follow a campaign at any time (whether they're actively funding or their campaign has closed) to receive updates on the project. And it's totally, 100% free. When you contribute to a campaign on Seed&Spark, you are automatically following it. (We think the fact you pledged $ is a pretty good sign you're interested in the project.)


Once you follow a project, you'll receive an email notification any time the project posts an update. So when they head into production and share some behind-the-scenes pics, you're gonna know. And when they get that sweet, sweet film festival acceptance letter? You're gonna find that out, too. (Don't worry: you can always update your email preferences in your profile in case you need a break from the fantastic film news. We got you.)


Pretty good deal for you, but what about the filmmaker? What do they get out of building their followers on Seed&Spark? Simply put, a hell of a lot. (Sorry for the language; we get pretty excited about giving things to our community.)


We reward filmmakers for building their audience on Seed&Spark with Filmmaker Rewards: products, services and festival fee waivers that they can use to take their project (and career) to the next level. There are several tiers of rewards, which filmmakers unlock when they hit certain follower milestones. And these rewards are only found on Seed&Spark (another reason to crowdfund your film-related project with us). Check out the list, which we update every quarter.


Another benefit for filmmakers to gather followers to their film crowdfunding campaign? Rallies. Seed&Spark crowdfunding rallies  — large-scale calls for crowdfunding campaigns around a set theme with major prizes from top film organizations and brands — typically have follower goals to advance to the finalist stage. Following the campaign (or campaigns!) you like in a rally is a direct way to help these creators access career-changing opportunities like working with the Duplass Brothers, cash prizes or distribution deals. 


One more reason it counts to follow a campaign: you let that team know that you are interested in what they are making. As creators, getting your work to the audiences that are hungry for it is a big deal. So when they see that what they are working so hard on creating is resonating with people, it's a feeling like no other. Follow a project, make a filmmaker feel good (and make more work). Win-win-win, right?


Great! Here's the super easy steps to take to follow a project (any project) on Seed&Spark:

  1. On the campaign page, click the Follow button to the right of the pitch video.

  2. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to log in or create a free account. 

    NOTE: If you create a new account, check your email for a verification message. We do this to make sure our accounts are by, you know, real people. :)

  3. Done! You'll know the "follow" was successful when the heart turns solid red. 





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