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November 10, 2017

They're grownups...sort of. In this series, journey with BFFs Max and Faye as they navigate life and love as they stare down the barrel at 30. Making more than a few bad calls, one thing is always clear: stumbling through life is more fun with a partner in crime.


At 37, a screenwriter is this close to her dream of finishing her web series and getting into Sundance…if she can get the $10,000 her mother is willing to give her for to freeze her eggs. When she finds out she has one egg left, she suddenly has to find a guy, freeze her egg or live a different life than she imagined for herself. (Funded on Seed&Spark!)


Viv shines when singing in front of a live audience. But off stage, a concerning health issue forces her to return home and confront deep-seated family issues. Loosely based on a true story and shot by an entirely female crew, this is seasoned documentary director Daphne Schmon’s narrative debut.


Set against the vibrant, tumultuous background of Acapulco, 19-year-ole Bea realizes that love is much like the waves of the beach and city around her: restless, beautiful and risky. Her choice may shift her entire social status in a city where class clashes are coming to a violent head. 


Witness the American family farm giving way to a subdivision through juxtaposed still imagery as a critical cultural shift across the U.S. is documented over 14 years through the eyes of two families who love the same plot of land.


After meeting online, a woman invites a man into her home. While the stakes are gradually raised, they face the realities of agency and the ability to change one's mind (or not). Steeped in mystery, the point of this short is to question and follow the journey the filmmaker has laid out for you. Not for the faint of heart: contains violence and disturbing images.


A funny, inventive, absurd and also disturbing short from from Kimmy Gatewood (Netflix's GLOW) and Alison Becker (Parks and Recreation), this short crowdfunded on Seed&Spark in 2017! Depressed and contemplating ending her life, a woman gets side-tracked by all the things she just needs get in order first. Contains violent and graphic content.


In this horror comedy where random assault, murder and cannibalism are the norm, one man struggles to overcome his darkest inner-demon — he’s gay. By making the grotesque mainstream while keeping homosexuality as something that's problematic, this short uses an unconventional lens to shine a light on the weight that sexual orientation is given in our society. 


Once at the center of the U.S. economy, the family farm now drifts at its edges. In Iowa, old-time farmers try to hang on to their way of life, while their young push out to find their futures elsewhere. This series paints a complex portrait of a well-loved American landscape at a time of enormous cultural change.


In an intimate and deeply personal documentary, immigrant Latinx fathers across the U.S. recount the impact of their children’s coming out. The result? A powerful lesson on solidarity and humility in a film that both heals and inspires. 


In this daughter’s intimate portrait of her father, we learn of his time as a POW in WWII Japan, his subsequent quest to become an American, and the birth of his philosophy that every day is a holiday. From the relationship between filmmaker and subject blooms an uplifting story of triumph from a man who went through hell and never lost his quirky sense of humor and zest for life.


More than a century before Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray or Eric Garner, there was Frank Embree and the true story of his unfortunate fate one summer day. This incredibly well-shot short depicts the horrific events of one man's death more than 100 years ago, a story that unfortunately resonates too well in today's America.


Anyone else have that high school friend who you wish had been something more and then reconnected with them later turning you into a flustered ball of confusion?  Just us? Reuniting years after high school, Herman and Shelly navigate the space between friends and lovers against the always changing backdrop of the art world in this quirky, offbeat rom-com.


Whether or not you've seen Karma's a Bitch, we've all had times when we've wished karmic repercussions on someone.  This series of minisodes are little moments where that actually happens.  Watch one or two between meetings for a little palate cleanser.


Through the images of photojournalist Olivier Jobard, this story is told almost entirely through still images, it is not void of raw emotional impact. Through one man's journey to leave a life of poverty in Cameroon, Africa for the promised land of Europe, this raw, first-hand account is simple in concept and deep in exploration of the extremes that one must face to achieve a better life.


After 4 years of monumental drought, farmers in California’s Central Valley struggle to sustain their crops and their livelihoods while predicting the fate of the US’s produce supply. This incredibly well-shot doc focuses on one Mexican-American immigrant farmer, his family and the orange orchard they built from nothing in the San Joaquin Valley — exploring issues of race, immigration, worker's rights and climate change all in the context of one family's experience.


Dreaming of shaking up education in Nigeria, a team of Nigerian and Nigerian-American MIT students return one summer to teach a competitive robotics camp. As they seek to contribute to a new and better Nigeria, their ideals are tested by reality.


Winner of three BAFTA Cymru Awards (the Wales arm of the BAFTAs), this thriller is so chilly and moody, you'll want a blanket. Two young lovers, dragged from a river after a car crash in the mountains of Wales, are taken by their mysterious savior to a timeless farm where explosive truths come to light.


Mother, wife and Marine veteran Jesstine reaches great depths of despondency, and her life and family unravel into one pivotal moment in this look at mental illness in the vet community.



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