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June 6, 2018


Big news for film fans: we're kicking this summer off with some new releases available to stream only right here, on Seed&Spark!


For Flint (short, documentary)

"Avoiding what could have easily been a somber narrative about the clean water crisis in Flint, Michigan, Schulz instead chooses to make this documentary a love letter to the city."


Flint is in crisis mode. A federal state of emergency has deemed its drinking water unsafe, adding to an already decaying city infrastructure. In the face of adversity, Flint rallies together to forge a new, powerful narrative that flows with hope. Get to know three residents rallying for their community in this film that premiered at Tribeca and dazzled audiences at a dozen film festivals.



Fairhaven (feature, comedy/drama)

"(B)eautifully acted, directed and edited little slice of New England life"


Old friends reunite in their New England hometown when one returns for his father's funeral, a place both comforting, confining, home and history. Now in their mid-30s, their growth since high school's glory days — and dissatisfaction, in some cases — is all too wonderfully relatable.



Fat Camp (feature, comedy)

"These boys will steal your hearts and your funny bone."


Hutch is an unemployed image-obsessed wannabe player living at home with his mom...until she kicks him out and forces him to take a job at his uncle's youth weight loss camp. The question of the summr is who will grow up more: the tween campers or counselor Hutch?



Fck Yes (series, comedy/romance)

"An opportunity to offer more honest depictions of sex and sexuality— the playfulness, the awkwardness — sometimes even the sadness and disappointment — and, ultimately, the delight."


Proof that ex ed — and consent — can be sexy as hell, this two-season web series gets real about what happens when things start to get hot and heavy. Featuring an inclusive cast and not shying away from the subject matter, you'll see why Dan Savage, the Huffington Post and Refinery29 rave about this show.


And there's so much more! See what else is on Seed&Spark.



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