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Mothers In Film

May 10, 2019

Media often only portrays mothers as the ones who helped us make our beds, kept us fed and led by example. That's part of the story, but it only scratches the surface of the complex experience of motherhood. If you're looking for stories that shine light on the more nuanced, poignant and sometimes messy side of moms, you're in the right place. 



When her teenage daughter disappears, a mother (Chandra Wilson) is forced to take the search into her own hands. Watch short drama Muted.


The Big Flip

Exploring the struggles and triumphs of families who have "flipped" traditional gender roles. Watch feature doc The Big Flip.


Mrs. Drake

It takes courage and strength to raise a child, but it's constant doubt that consumes a parent. Watch short drama Mrs. Drake.


Ana y yo (Ana and I)

A daughter investigates her fascinating family and learns about her mysterious and powerful mother. Watch feature doc Ana y Yo.


Life After

While packing up her daughter's apartment, a mother discovers startling details about her only child. Watch short LGBTQ drama Life After.






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