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12 representation influencers to follow on social media

July 11, 2017

• Mariah Wilson

If 2017 has given us one good thing, it’s an increase in constructive discussion about inclusion and ways to actively address the lack of representation in entertainment. Even as we make progress in increasing the diversity of perspectives in front of and behind the camera, it’s key that we continue to talk -- and listen. We rounded up some leading voices in the conversation for you to know, find and follow. Trust us, your feed will be all the better for it.


  1. Constance Wu: Actress, activist, working to challenge stereotypes on screen

  2. Luvvie Ajayiauthor of “I’m Judging You” and pop culture blogger

  3. Lexi Alexander: Director and activist, creating awareness of issues in the entertainment related to women and people of color

  4. Asian Oscar BaitPodcast that pitches the stories of real-life Asians for films

  5. Riz AhmedActor and activist pushing against stereotypes of Muslim, South Asian and Middle Eastern communities in film and television

  6. Rebecca TheodoreEntertainment writer and co-host of Cinema In Noir, who creates awareness over issues of racial and gender representation in film and television

  7. Melissa Silverstein: Creators of Women and Hollywood, which provides exposure to issues of gender inequality in Hollywood and the film/TV industry

  8. Imran Siddiquee: Filmmaker and writer focused on challenging representations of race and gender in media

  9. Nancy Wang YuenAuthor of Reel Inequality, who addresses issues of racial bias as they relate to actors of color and how these actors contend with stereotypes embedded in media today

  10. Shaun LauHost of “NoTotally”, a podcast centered around issues in film and social justice

  11. Iman ZawahryFilmmaker who raises awareness of issues regarding the intersection of the entertainment industry and Muslim identity

  12. Nathalie YounglaiWriter, director and creator of Indigenous and Creatives of Color in Film and TV, who shares resources and articles related to race and entertainment


Mariah Wilson

Mariah is a creative marketing and programming intern at Seed & Spark. She is a filmmaker and writer intent on changing the politics of representation on screen (in front of and behind the camera) so viewership can become a more enjoyable and inclusive pastime for all people.



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