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Director Meera Menon talks FernGully, Peter Gabriel and preemptive victory laps

March 20, 2018

• Meera Menon


1. Express your thoughts about 2017 in an image, GIF, or noise.







2. What did you take for granted in 2016 that you’re extremely grateful for in 2018?


Living in Los Angeles, which is a fundamentally richer place because of its immigrants.





3. What piece of art — film, book, album, performance, painting, whatevs — restores your faith in humanity?


FernGully. Fairy rights are human rights, y'all.






4. What happened in 2017 that actually made the world a better place?





I think we have miles to go before we can call a win on any of this. Preemptive victory laps are what got us into this mess in the first place.





5. What are you determined to do — or make or change — in 2018?


I, like many Asian Americans, have spent a good deal of my professional life trying to make people feel comfortable with what they consider different about me. The model minority myth runs deep in our community. In every facet of my life — personally, cinematically, emotionally — I want to take this precious idea of total assimilation and shatter it into a million pieces.


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Meera Menon

Meera Menon is a writer, director, and editor. Most recently, she directed two features (Farah Goes Bang and Equity) and several television shows for AMC, FOX, FX, SyFy, Amazon, Netflix and Hulu.



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