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Partnering with Grant Larson Productions to support female filmmakers

August 7, 2017

We have a saying at Seed&Spark: Independent doesn’t mean alone. And that rings especially true when we talk about our partners, those organizations and brands who stand with us and work side-by-side to help filmmakers build sustainable careers and to increase representation in entertainment.


Who are we talking about? Industry champions like Grant Larson Productions, a company whose mission is to develop and produce dramatic feature films with an emphasis on new filmmakers, strong female roles and providing a place for diverse voices through storytelling. If it sounds like a match made in heaven, that’s because it is.


Grant Larson Productions was one of the first companies to come on board when we announced that we were extending the filmmaker perks that began during #100DaysOfDiversity. As a partner, they committed to awarding $1,500 each quarter to a female filmmaker crowdfunding on Seed&Spark who really embraced inclusion in her project. But the commitment to helping these filmmakers (and the industry as a whole, by extension), is more than additional funds: it’s a connection to a company and industry leaders who personally care about helping female filmmakers further their careers.


After awarding the Q1 perk to Iram Parveen Bilal (Forbidden Steps), Grant Larson Productions owner Tim Larson and president of production Carrie Lynn Certa met with Bilal to get to know her as a person and filmmaker and to see how they could help with the progression of the film, which follows the story of a Muslim American police officer tasked with going undercover in a mosque and his NYU-bound ballet dancer daughter torn between her love of dance and her roots.


“We believe the film is an important story to tell,” Certa said. “We found Iram incredibly passionate and talented, and firmly believer her film will be as beautiful and inspiring as she is.”


In further support of this filmmaker-industry relationship, Terri Jude Davis, head of GLP’s digital content division, attended a staged reading from the Forbidden Steps script with Iram at the Artwalla Festival in May.


“These professional actors perfectly portrayed the drama necessary to this important film, which only adds to Iram’s directing ability, because as we all know, casting is key in any film,” Davis said.


As the GLP team continues to deepen their relationship with Bilal, they’ve announced their second quarter recipient: Mallorie Ortega and her film Nanay Ko -- a musical feature about how two generations of Filipino Americans view the world and chase their dreams.


“Pioneering storytellers explore new frontiers in storytelling - and that's what we find in Mallorie Ortega's Nanay Ko,” Tim Larson said. “Ortega's bold project takes us to new vistas in a familiar American immigrant's landscape - to reveal Filipino culture using music, dance, food, humor and family drama. We are thrilled to be supporters of this film!


And us here at Seed&Spark? Well, we’re thrilled to have such wonderful partners and filmmakers and see the magic they make when they come together.


Follow Bilal and Ortega’s journeys and their growing relationship with Grant Larson Productions by following their campaigns (Forbidden Steps, Nanay Ko), and stay up to date on everything the GLP team is up to on Facebook and Instagram





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