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Seed&Spark expands to Canada!

October 8, 2018

Canadian filmmakers gained a new way to fund their work and build their careers with Seed&Spark’s crowdfunding expansion into Canada. The U.S. based company launched full access to their best-in-industry platform this week, meaning Canadian creators can now raise funds on the platform with the highest crowdfunding campaign success rate in the world.


“This is a really exciting step for us as a company even if it’s a small step geography-wise. Canada is home to not just to some of the most important film production cities in the world, but to some of the world’s most exciting creators. In the past year, I’ve personally visited Canadian film communities, meeting and listening to the needs of those creators, many of whom are looking for more tools to build their creative independence without having to move south of the border. We know we can provide a lot of value on that front,”  said Seed&Spark founder and CEO Emily Best.


Included in the expansion is support for Canadian currency, compliance with local tax regulations and the ability to connect with Canadian bank accounts. It also marks the beginning of a deeper commitment to Canadian film communities with other resources, education and career-changing opportunities including partnerships with the likes of the Duplass brothers and prestige film organizations. The announcement comes on the heels of this summer’s filmmaker-centric events in Vancouver, Victoria and Edmonton and a partnership with StoryHive.


“Just this summer, I met several hundred creators from all over Western Canada, at all ages and all stages of their careers. One thing that unifies creators is their deep desire to make the work that matters most to them. That’s what crowdfunding is best for — connecting your passion project to the audiences passionate about the same things,” Best said.


In support of the Canadian crowdfunding news, the company also announced additional Canadian films available to watch on its streaming service. The playlist Spotlight: Canada, available to stream now, is a collection of films by or about Canadian perspectives, including The Animal Project, Hotel Congress, Stolen, Sound Asleep, Given Your History, I Lost My Mind, A Moonless Night, REI and Just a Prayer. Coming exclusively to stream on Seed&Spark on October 9 is She’s Not Funny, a Canadian series about the challenges faced by female comics in the male-dominated world of stand-up comedy.


“Canada is enormous, and that geographic diversity means that so many different kinds of truly diverse storytelling can emerge. I grew up watching Canadian comedy, but what I’ve learned from spending more time with creators in Canada is that there are entire new storytelling styles and modes still being invented and discovered there,” Best said.


Canada-based filmmakers can launch crowdfunding campaigns today and access all Seed&Spark’s free career-building resources at Upcoming Canadian events will be posted to as they are scheduled, including links to RSVP.





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