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The Filmmaker Dashboard: Using data to build your filmmaking career

January 10, 2017

• Emily Best

As a group of filmmakers ourselves, we started Seed&Spark to be the career building tool for filmmakers we felt we were missing. We had a radical desire to build sustainable careers that didn’t rely on some old middleman to say yes to us. We’ve known from Seed&Spark’s earliest days that access to updated, no-bullshit information would be critical if were were really going to make this possible. It’s one of the reasons why education plays such a major role in our offerings to independent filmmakers, why we’ve taught our classes to thousands around the world. (Not for nothing, so far, crowdfunding class attendees have a 95% campaign success rate…)


But even with all the tools for filmmakers we’ve built over the years, there was still a huge gap in the information available to independent creators to help them drive real-time decision making: namely, deep audience and financial data that could be centralized in one place. Not just for one film, but for your entire career.


Giving filmmakers actionable data on their work gives them the power to make smart decisions. And that’s why the industry doesn’t want you to have it. If you know in real time where and how your audience is watching, or where they’re most likely to come from when they fund your project, you can make responsive, informed decisions that improve your ability to raise money and make money. The rent-seeking middle men have a lot less reason to dip into your pockets if you have this information. If you’ve distributed a film before, you know personally what it's like to be kept in the dark. It’s a black hole of information. (Who watched my film? How many? Where are they? How do I motivate more of them? How much money am I owed? Will I ever get it?)


So, we’ve filled the data gap. Seed&Spark is unique in that we offer both funding and distribution, which means we have the unique ability to synthesize data and deliver insights from across the entire life cycle of each film and across your career.


Our Filmmaker Dashboard is an individualized set of charts, graphs, and metrics that gives you real-time data about how your campaigns and streaming films are performing, including audience insights that you won’t get from any other platform. Whether you’ve run a successful campaign in the past, are crowdfunding right now, or are currently streaming on Seed&Spark (or all of the above!), you have data across the entire filmmaking cycle in one beautiful, easy-to-use interface:

C'mon. BEAUTIFUL, right? Thanks Blessing...


 You will find:

  • Active and past crowdfunding campaigns, including dollars raised, pageviews, and exportable supporter list
  • Aggregate distribution, including video plays, minutes watched, and earnings
  • Audience insights, including follower/contributor status, top locations, and traffic sources

Using this data, you should be able to message your audience more effectively - whether that’s to get dollars into your crowdfunding campaign, followers towards a Filmmaker Gift Box, or minutes streamed of your film. And in aggregate, this information should help you make each next project smarter and more efficiently, all while you’re aggregating a growing audience (and learning from them) in one place. So give the new dashboard a whirl, and let us know what you think!


Emily Best

Emily Best is the Founder and CEO of Seed&Spark. She is one of eight co-creators of F*CK YES! the series.



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