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Three Cheers for These Newly Launched Campaigns! Feb 1 - Feb 5

February 9, 2021

From Massachusetts to Arizona to Ohio and more — congrats to all the crowdfunding campaigns from across the country that launched with Seed&Spark last week! 


Angels of Uptown | Series | New York, NY
Following a tragic accident, three unsuspecting millennials take up the mantle of "protecting and serving" their community. $10,000


BOOGEY-BOY | Short Film | Los Angeles, CA
A young must finally grow up on the night his parents take away his nightlight. One slight problem... the Boogeyman is out to get him. $8,000


Daydream Suburbia | Short Film | Baltimore, MD
A man who is about to move away from his hometown that he is not very fond of, goes on an experimental journey. $2,550


Devil's Hollow | Feature Film | Frankfort, KY
An ex-con on house arrest must risk his freedom to save his estranged teenage daughter from his former criminal associates. $12,000


Fire in an Empty Room | Film Short | Philadelphia, PA
Passive high schooler Henry Roberts watches as an angry fire grows within his self-destructive best friend. $1,000


Meathook | Feature Film | Los Angeles, CA
Two years after the horrific massacre of her friends by an infamous meathook-wielding killer, recluse Jordyn grapples with the past. $3,000


Mudblood: Part 2 | Short Film | Cleveland, OH
The 2nd part in the Harry Potter-inspired Mudblood series, about a teenage witch who runs away from Hogwarts and is pursued by Death Eaters. $6,000


Operation: White Boy | Short Film | Los Angeles, CA
A passionate woman goes to extreme lengths to stop her very Muslim grandmother from meeting her very white boyfriend. $3,800


Ron The Reindeer - Another Christmas Story | Los Angeles, CA
Ron, a clumsy, young stripper, performs his Christmas act for a divorced woman until he is caught in the act by her ex-husband. $8,500


That Summer Night | Short Film | Mesa, AZ
Sean, a play by the rules high school graduate is forced into the greatest game of hide-and-seek to help his crush evade police. $13,000


Things We Like & Things We Don't Like | Film Feature | Boston, MA
As her 30th birthday approaches, an insurance saleswoman decides to finally leave her hometown to meet a man she found on the internet. $7,500


Vivían | Short Film | Austin, TX
Nearly escaping a night out with a tampered drink, Vivían's reality begins to shift over the years- just enough to mistake wolves for pups. $5,650


Welcome to the Forties | Series | Atlanta, GA
A journey of four African-American women and how they manage love, friendships and their own sanity living life in the middle. $17,425


With The Daisies | Short Film | Tempe, AZ
After making his way through life on his own, and after a few wrong choices, Matt finds himself losing everything in the search of something. $3,150




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