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Three Cheers for These Newly Launched Campaigns! Feb 15 - 19

February 22, 2021

Texas, California, North Carolina, Florida, Canada, Germany, Indonesia! Last week, crowdfunding campaigns for short and feature films from across the world launched with Seed&Spark. We can't wait to see the finished movies on screen.


Dead in the Water | Feature Film | Jacksonville, FL
In 1562, a lone French settler trips on mushrooms and searches for the Fountain of Youth with the reanimated corpse of the man he killed. $15,000


Dearly Departed | Short Film | Los Angeles, CA
A once religious man attends the "tragic" funeral of his mother only to clash with the Pastor for speaking about the legacy she left behind. $4,000


Love and the Deadly Virus | Short Film | Los Angeles, CA
Amid a pandemic, a squeamish seamstress figures out an unusual way to get close to her new lover. $11,400


Night and Day | Short Film | Jakarta, Indonesia
On the streets of Jakarta, an impulsive, small-time con swindles an aristocrat out of house and home, at risk of abandonment by his brother. $8,000


Picture Day | Short Film | Los Angeles, CA
When a tomboy is suddenly transplanted to a new school, a decision to pierce her ears triggers a family crisis. $25,000


POTHOLES | Feature Film | Edmonton, Canada
Johny & Gina are loving their pot dealer friend Captain's pot who says it's magic 80s space-weed. It turns out it's true. The weed gives Johny good luck, but it gets cut short when he meets a bad guy named "Hollywood". $35,000


someone somewhere | Short Film | New York, NY
Two college women come to terms with the unhealthy nature of their relationship. $3,500


SPACEBIRTH 2 | Feature Film | Berlin, Germany

A silent, experimental, sci-fi fantasy feature-length movie about a lonely space traveler on a search for meaning in the universe. $15,000


The Night Courier | Short Film | Asheville, NC

A single night offers a suffocating glimpse into the life of a woman whose occupation is feeding people to monsters. $15,000


THƠ - LGBTQIA+ short film | Short Film | Los Angeles, CA

An asexual Vietnamese-American girl frees herself from abusive cycles with partners who refuse to understand her. $9,200


What If Batman | Short Film | Palestine, TX
A Batman fanfilm about Thomas Wayne being locked in Arkham with all the Bat-villains after young Bruce Wayne is killed. $15,000





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