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10 incredible incentive ideas for crowdfunding campaigns

July 28, 2017

  1. Karate Tortoise

    This team took to Times Square to yell out the name of any contributor who selected this incentive, regardless of the crowds (and inevitable stares). Personal, fun and easy to do!

  2. Library Hours 

    Just because your film is serious doesn't mean your incentives have to be. Library Hours created faux literary title with YOU as the author of the next great novel. 

  3. Acid Test

    If music is a huge part of your film like in this 90s-set short, giving your contributors access to original music and 90s mixtape of the film's soundtrack is spot on.

  4. Fck Yes

    The condoms, man. A total no brainer (with practical implications) for contributors to this modern sex ed series. 

  5. About a Donkey 

    Contributors at this level received one-of-a-kind personalized jingles; this team also offered downloads and access to all her previous work as incentives to make the most of Seed&Spark's career-building potential.

  6. Soulmates 

    This Vermont-shot project went local, sourcing many incentives (like Solemate socks) from local companies. 

  7. Root For the Villain 

    Not only did this team dressed up to do face-to-face outreach at NY Comic Con, one of their incentives was a
    personalized mug shot of the contributor as a supervillain. 

  8. A Queen for the People 

    When your star is an award-winning drag queen, offering a chance to have Bob the Drag Queen's as your drag mom for a day is an incentive that SLAYS.

  9. Time Signature

    Time Signature took their time travel concept into their incentives, like this bit of Photoshop...err, time travel magic that put contributors in their chosen point in time.
  10. Nanay Ko 

    If your contributors supported your musical film, singing a personalized version of a popular song is a perfect fit (especially if your voice is this lovely)!


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