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10 reasons to crowdfund with Seed&Spark

August 24, 2017


1. Highest campaign success rate

It’s pretty hard to ignore that Seed&Spark has the highest campaign success rate for crowdfunding film in the world. In 2017, 85% of the projects that launch on Seed&Spark get the green light. (It could be the highest in the universe, but we’re not sure if the residents of Planet Kepler-452b have crowdfunding yet). And we’re not just tooting our own horn: this success rate was independently verified, meaning you are in the best position for success by choosing to crowdfund your movie on Seed&Spark. 


2. Entertainment-focused platform

Your movie or show (short, feature, series), your creative vision, your baby won’t get lost amidst campaigns for potato salad and the newest take on a fidget device. We started Seed&Spark to specifically help filmmakers raise funds and build their audiences so they can grow sustainable careers. That intention is behind everything, including the features of our site, our free education (more on that later) and the relationships we build with our film community. We’re filmmakers, helping filmmakers.


3. Filmmaker rewards

We’re talking $9,000 worth of goods and services. Festival fee waivers. More than 20 of them. Local screening space. A kick-ass hard drive from G-Tech for all that incredible footage you shot. One-on-one consultation with industry experts. ALL FOR YOU, for crowdfunding with us and building your audience.


4. Personalized feedback

Like, from real live humans. Who are crowdfunding experts and filmmakers who’ve crowdfunded themselves. Who want to see you reach your goal. Did we mention this is for every, single project? Our unique feedback process puts you in the best position to launch, and people who implement our feedback have 4x the crowdfunding success rate of those who don’t.


5. Movie-making to make a difference

Every crowdfunding project and film to stream on Seed&Spark increases representation in entertainment. We’re tired of Hollywood’s status quo, so we’re changing it...with you. When you crowdfund with Seed&Spark, you get a chance to tell your audience (and the world) how your project, your personal lens, your filmmaking choices are making entertainment more inclusive. We call it the Inclusion Statement (and here are 8 great real examples of them).


6. Data

The key to a truly independent and sustainable career is data. No other platform delivers as many key audience insights - insights you can use not only to improve your crowdfunding outreach, but to make more efficient and effective marketing decisions. You can learn not just about demographics or where your audiences strongest geographically, but how they found you, what platforms and devices they prefer to watch on, what other kinds of content they prefer. You can even learn about social issues that matter to them. EYou can learn all that and more with Seed&Spark’s Filmmaker Dashboard. Data and insights on your audience, your campaign and your streaming films in one easy place.


7. Audience building

Is it important to raise funds for your film? YES. Is it as important to build an audience of supporters for your campaign and beyond? HELL YES. The only proven path to true independence as an artist is a direct connection to your audience. Crowdfunding is now a fundamental piece of most financing plans for independent filmmakers,. however, many filmmakers miss the opportunity to turn their film funding campaigns into audience-building opportunities that can last an entire career – and provide the groundwork for distribution that you control.


8. World-class education

Our free Crowdfunding to Build Independence class teaches you everything you need to know about creating not just a successful campaign, but also a sustainable career. Filmmakers who take our our flagship class have a 90%+ success rate...and you can take part in the class in person (see where we’ll be next!) or from the comfort of your own home (online, FTW).


9. Built-in distribution

When you successfully crowdfund your project on Seed&Spark and gathering at least 500 followers, you’re automatically eligible for distribution on our subscription streaming service. Not only does this mean you could have a treasured spot on a streaming platform that stands for something, it doesn’t bar you from any other distribution deals you may get in the future...we want to see your film wherever you want it to be seen!


10. We contribute funding, too!

In addition to the funds you raise from your supporters, we offer additional funds every month to successful crowdfunding campaigns with 500 followers or more. How exactly? We allocate a portion of the subscription fees from our streaming platform to allow our subscribers goes to support a crowdfunding campaign of their choice every month. As our subscribers grow, so does the amount allocated to new projects.



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