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8 Great Inclusion Statements

June 29, 2017

As part of our mission to make entertainment more inclusive, we require crowdfunding campaigns to articulate how their project is increasing representation in front of and behind the camera. Let’s be clear: this isn’t a box to be checked. That’s the antithesis of intersectionality (age, class, race, gender, sexuality, religion, ability or otherwise), and it takes away from our goal of challenging filmmakers to reflect on how they are making their work.


We aren’t looking for a specific answer, buzzwords or magic phrase. A strong inclusion statement shows that the filmmaker made conscious choices in how they approach their project, including (but not limited to) subject matter, writing, casting, hiring, shooting, vendors...the list could go on and on.


Here are some real examples of inclusion statements that embraced this challenge:


All American Kids (raised $21,823)

“It is important that young people see themselves reflected in the media they consume. Our kid hosts represent a diversity of cultures, races, religions, gender identities and come from families of all shapes and sizes. The show teaches kids to identify, understand and respect differences.”


Biophilia (raised $19,070)

“From a female writer-director with a female lead, the motivation behind this project is to increase representation of women in film, both in front of & behind the camera. With our producers Wild Obscura, we are focused on inclusive hiring to bring this complex female-driven story to the screen.”


Nanay Ko (raised 23,568)

Nanay Ko focuses on cultural identity, specifically Asians and Asian-Americans. It focuses on how two cultures and generations conflict with one another. We're proud to have a female Asian-American director supported by a diverse crew who will feature an Asian-American cast.”


The Last Partera (raised $28,370)

“THE LAST PARTERA will feature multiple generations and socioeconomic classes of women in rural Costa Rica, including those whose experiences and voices are often overlooked. In addition, the production team and film crew consist of mostly women, representing diverse ethnic backgrounds.”


Female Friendly (raising $15,000)

“Female friendly is a thoughtful, female-driven comedy that uses humor to promote sex and body positivity and transcend gender and ethnic stereotypes! Additionally, we have a rockstar crew that is composed of 90% women. We're swimming in a pool of estrogen and we LOVE it.”


Swine Country (raised $17,565)

“Our film is the story of black, white, and Latino activists working together for political change. The Environmental Justice movement started in North Carolina, built on the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement. It is fundamentally about their potential to change politics, narratives, and lives.”


Sylphvania Grove (raised $12,609)

“Five of our six characters are female, including the ten-year-old lead. We want to help empower young girls and contribute to fair gender representation on screen, especially in the fantasy genre. Our writer/director and much of the crew are also women.”


An Act of Terror (raised $18,135)

“AN ACT OF TERROR puts a young black woman's truth front and center. Virgie will irrefutably be SEEN, and she will have a voice today when she couldn't in her time. Women behind the camera: Writers, Director, Producer, Editor, Production Designer, Casting Directors, Make-up, Hair, Costumes, & Stunts”





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