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#InternationalWomensDay: 5 Films to Fund, 5 Films to Watch

March 8, 2017

• Julie Keck

Films by women don't only matter on International Womens Day: they matter every day.

Our CEO Emily Best let loose about diversity and the need to support women and others in the film industry on Twitter this past December. You can find lots of great articles and stats related to what she tweeted about here.

Making, supporting, and watching films by and about women are crucial, necessary, revolutionary acts. Toward that end, here are 5 female-focused films to fund on Seed&Spark right now, as well as 5 to stream tonight.



  • Abby and Tabby in the Desert - feature-length comedy about a sad wife and a scared former cult member who collide - literally - in a hot, sandy place
  • The Adventures of Penny Patterson - a comedic short that puts the often sidelined female love interest of a superhero front and center
  • Ask for Jane - a feature thriller about an underground abortion operation in 60s Chicago
  • Hide and Seek - a short, sci-fi-themed Twilight Zone-y story about family and more with a majority female production team
  • Women's March - an up-close look at hte January 21, 2017, marches that took place in Washington, D.C., Boston, San Francisco, and Oakland
  • And one for the road (because we can't help it): Grab This - a short drama set in motion in response to November's election


  • The Benefits of Gusbandry, Season 1 - a hilarious series about a woman who gives up on the romantic fairy tale and creates her new ideal life partner: a 'gusband' (or gay husband), by filmmaker and S&S alum Alicia J. Rose
  • BFFs - a feature-length comedy about a pair of platonic gal pals who pretend to be a romantic couple for a free trip to a posh resort and discover that there's more to their relationship than meets the eye
  • The Girls on Liberty Street - a dramatic feature about a teen saying goodbye to her family and friends in the week before she leaves for bootcamp
  • I am Thalente - a feature-length documentary about skateboarding phenom Thalente Biyela and his journey from South Africa to LA, by director (and S&S alum) Natalie Johns
  • Trichster - a feature-length documentary about those living with the most common disorder you've never heard of, by documentarian (and S&S alum) Jillian Corsie
  • And one more (because we're excited and we just can't hide it): I Send You This Place - an experimental documentary about a woman looking for her brother in otherworldly Iceland


Julie Keck

Julie Keck is a filmmaker and the Head of Education and Outreach for Seed&Spark.



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