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May 11, 2017

Wow. Seriously wow. More than 100 projects launched during #100DaysOfDiversity, each of them required to articulate how their movie, show or film-related project was actively increasing inclusion in front of and behind the camera. Our amazing partners contributed some incredible perks to reward filmmakers who really embraced the spirit of the initiative. These are more than added benefits for increasing diversity; they’re tools and connections to empower these diverse independent creators to further build their careers.


All eligible crowdfunding campaigns (launched between Jan. 20 and April 29, 2017 and gained 100 followers and the greenlight) receive Oak Cliff Film Festival fee waivers, New Orleans Film Festival fee waivers, Cleveland Film Festival fee waivers and 20% off Fiilex Lighting rentals. Eligible documentaries also receive True/False fee waivers, and eligible series also receive SeriesFest fee waivers.


Additional perks were awarded to the following campaigns (in alphabetical order). Some of these campaigns are still raising funds, and all of them are still available to follow for updates as they go into production as beyond. Go on and click around; we’re pretty confident you’ll find one or more that speak to you.

  • 11/9 (1 all-access pass to the 2017 HollyShorts Film Festival)
  • The After Party (1 copy of AVID Media Composer)
  • Abby and Tabby Alone in the Desert (Screening at Northwest Film Forum)
  • About a Donkey (1 full scholarship for a Rebel Heart Workshop, Film Tools gear & education)
  • The Adventures of Penny Patterson (Final Draft 10 screenwriting software)
  • Again (1 month screenwriting intensive marketing program from Roadmap Writers)
  • American Trial (1 hour of consulting from Picture Motion, Invitation to the opening day of the Tribeca Film Institute Co-Production Market, Independent theatrical screening consultation with Arthouse Convergence, Legal consult with Stacey Davis Law)
  • An Act of Terror (Post consultation & free sound mix from Trailblazer Studios)
  • At The End of The Day (Final Draft 10 screenwriting software)
  • A Rugby Story (Consultation with Charlie Phillips, Head of Documentary at The Guardian)
  • Bertoia (One True/False festival pass)
  • Biophilia (Consultation with Tangerine Entertainment)
  • Commercial for the Queen of Meatloaf (1-on-1 consultation with Jolene Pinder, executive director of the New Orleans Film Society)
  • Distance (Fiilex Lighting rental package; 1-day camera package rental from The Camera Division; production, post and ADR sound consultations from White Light Audio)
  • Golden Sands (Final Draft 10 screenwriting software)
  • Hard-ish Bodies (1 producer’s badge to the Austin Film Festival)
  • Her-POW! New Adventures of Vintage Comic Book Heroes (Fiilex Lighting rental package, 2-hour camera tutorial on The Camera Division prep floor)
  • Hide and Seek (Final Draft 10 screenwriting software, script featured on Scriptd)
  • Hitchhikers Guide to Suburbia (VIP badges to the Oak Cliff Film Festival)
  • I’m Having An Affair With My Wife! (1-on-1 consultation with Rebel Heart)
  • The Last Clinics (Lunch with Emmy-winning producer Perrin Chiles of Project Greenlight Digital Studios, 1 hour of consulting from Picture Motion)
  • MIRL (SeriesFest fee waivers, $50 gift card to KitSplit)
  • Pay to Stay (3 months of hosting and two script evaluations from The Blacklist)
  • Palms in the Sand (3 months of hosting and two script evaluations from The Blacklist)
  • River (Final Draft 10 screenwriting software)
  • Royally (SeriesFest fee waivers, $50 gift card to KitSplit)
  • Solstice Ranch (Fiilex Lighting rental package, 2-hour camera tutorial on The Camera Division prep floor)
  • Sylphvania Grove (1 REDucation seat voucher)
  • To Life (20% discount on Producer Membership to Austin Public from the Austin Film Society)
  • Uncorked (1 VIP badge to SeriesFest)
  • Women’s March (1 hours of consulting from Picture Motion)


Huge thanks to our partners and to the Seed&Spark community for their support of these and ALL the crowdfunding campaigns and movies and shows already streaming on Seed&Spark.


As you may already know, the work we started with #100DaysOfDiversity is just beginning. In support of that, many of our partners have committed to contributing perks on an ongoing basis to filmmakers crowdfunding on Seed&Spark who really deliver in terms of increasing representation in front of and behind the camera. Together, we can truly make entertainment reflect the vibrant, diverse world we live.



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